Accounting & Tax Services

Reporting Deadlines

Businesses have specific reporting requirements throughout the year. We keep clients informed of upcoming deadlines to ensure that they are compliant with all government requirements. Please see important deadlines.

Financial Statements

Balance sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and Statement of Cash Flows are not only reporting requirements for corporations but valuable business tools. We ensure that they are prepared in compliance with regulations and that you benefit from the insight they have to offer.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax preparation is an inevitability that can be strategically managed to effectively reduce your tax expense and minimize headaches. We will customize a tax strategy for your specific circumstances, communicate clearly to ensure that you understand the tax implications of business decisions and see that you are compliant with all government regulations. We offer a small business package to have your financial statements, corporate tax return, personal tax returns and tax planning taken care of.

Monthly Bookkeeping Support

We can help you select a bookkeeping package, provide you with bookkeeping templates or help you outsource the function. Whichever your choice, we will monitor your bookkeeping practice to ensure that the information required for financial statements and tax preparation is available when needed.